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How do I do a bank transfer money deposit?

You can deposit money to Cauri Money from another bank account you own. Follow these steps:

Start by signing in to your other bank account’s online portal or app.
Next, use your Cauri Money IBAN and BIC — which you can find and copy in the Cauri Money app — to transfer money to your Cauri Money account.
Your bank may ask for additional information to transfer money to Cauri Money. If you’re asked for the bank name, enter Paynetics AD. If you’re asked for the bank address, enter Hill Tower, 76A, James Bourchier Blvd., 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria.
Wait while the transfer is processed. Bank transfers usually take three to five business days.

Anyone can use the same process to deposit money into your Cauri Money account.

Updated on: 27/04/2022

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